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So I've decided that I'm going to get into cake decorating. I made one yesterday, made my own fondant and everything! it turned out really cute. I'll post pics once I get them off of Dillon's camera.
It's a lot of fun.. and quite a bit of work. But I want to make more cakes to get practice.

So if anybody wants a fancy cake made and you'd be willing to cover cost of ingredients and such, I'll totally make a cake!

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That's about it for today =)
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Dillon and I are flying out to LA Tuesday morning, and staying until the following Tuesday. I'm SOOOOO excited. I've been trying to plan this trip since I moved back to Lincoln haha.

Not entirely sure what all we're going to do. Mostly visiting friends of mine and sightseeing (for him since he's never been there)... Perhaps walking around and going to all the little shops I never got to while I was living there. There's this one Pirate-y store south of Vineland and Magnolia that I always wanted to check out... definitely taking a look there haha.

Might try to go to Das Bunker Friday night. Also going to try to get a photoshoot in maybe with the same guy who did my ragdoll photoshoot =)

Probably going to crash with Greg a night or two, and then Jorge for a night or two... trying to get ahold of Mari to ask about staying over. Almost had a crashing spot at David's but apparently there's some sort of "complication" and that's not going to work out? haha I have no idea. I think it might end up being a night-by-night sort of basis on knowing where we're sleeping. That's okay with me, it should be exciting =)

I'm very much pumped to be out in 70s-ish desert weather again. Warm sun, dry winds, palm trees. Everything I've been missing.


My tattoo is more than half done, I believe. Had another color session Tuesday. Justin filled in the rose, fire, sleeves, and some more bones. It looks SO good. The batteries in my camera are totally dead right now, so I need to go pick up some rechargeable ones. For tattoo pics and my trip.
I've now had 4 sessions, and about 5.5 hours of work done.


Rocky Horror is coming along swimmingly, I have most of the makeup designs done. I'm really excited about this whole thing and I hope I hope I hope everyone ends up looking fabulous =)
I accidentally got roped into doing makeup for Beauty and the Beast at Haymarket theatre... I tried to back down today but the director flipped shit and told me it was too late of notice, so I'm still stuck doing that which I'm bummed about, but meh I'll get over it.
But Rocky! Yes Rocky will be fun!

Anyway... trying to find a place in Omaha to crash at Monday night before our flight.... hmmmm I'm working on it haha. I might give in and let Dillon find a place from couch surfers. =p

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Last night sucked. I was so upset that I ended up doing something I haven't done for over 6 years. Ugh, I'm pretty disgusted with myself.

but I've realized that I need a major change of perspective.